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NAME Inside or Reverse Painted Snuff Bottle
SHAPE Wide range of different shapes
MATERIALS Glass, Crystal glass K9, Jade, Agate, Natural Crystal, amber, and etc. 
CRAFTS Reverse hand-painted, Inside-drawing, Inner painting
USAGE Collection, Souvenirs, Gifts, Home décor, Memories, Keepsakes.


Each ornament comes with a protective and decorative gift box that makes it an ideal gift and keepsake for anyone who loves it.


Brief Introduction:

Chinese hand-painted glass snuff bottle craft originated in the Qing Dynasty and has a history of two hundred years. It was first designed as a fancy container carrying remedy for common illnesses like cold, headache, and stomach disorder. With exquisite craftsmanship, using and collecting the rarest and finest snuff bottles has gradually become the trend of the Chinese upper class and nobles.

Usually, a  skilled artist may complete a simple bottle in a week while something special may take a month or more, and the best craftsmen will produce only a few bottles in a year.

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Hengshui Fulida Co. Ltd. is the leading, professional snuff bottles manufacturer and supplier that are famous around the world for their fantastic occasion-based and other decorative ornaments and products. We are known around the world as a name of trust and quality that provides the best quality decorative options for every occasion and everyday use.


Our snuff bottles are Hand-painted Inside, also known as reverse-painted Snuff Bottles. it provides an excellent solution that could be used for various purposes and several tasks. Whether it is a normal decorative at home or an occasion that requires a heavy decoration or to gift someone, we are the best wholesale snuff bottles supplier providing snuff bottles at the most affordable prices.


Amazing Quality Snuff Bottles

The quality of any product is what makes it unique product. Delivering the best quality to the customers helps maintain a relationship of trust, hence, we promise our customers to deliver them a quality that would speak for itself. As we have strict quality control methods, we ensure that the snuff bottles we deliver to our customers are according to the international standards of quality. We only select to deliver products that are made from premium quality materials and are safe and easy to use. 


We have an especially skilled quality control team who ensures that every step in the process of manufacturing these snuff bottles is done with great care using only the best quality material. Being the best snuff bottles manufacturer, our products are up to the international level.


Premium Snuff Bottles Wholesale Rates

Setting the right prices for any product is a balancing act. There are various factors involved that add up to the cost of the product, like the cost of production, consumer trends, revenue goals, and competitor pricing. The cost additionally increases with various other factors that are added to it in the form of packaging, promotional materials, and shipping.


We are known as the top wholesale snuff bottles suppliers in the whole world. We understand the importance of your hard-earned money thus we offer these amazing quality snuff bottles at the lowest rates. Not only when ordered in bulk, but even the low MOQs are also delivered at the most affordable rates. Ensuring unbeatable competition in the industry and securing our position.


Offering a Wide Variety

Being the leading snuff bottles manufacturer, we offer a wide range of snuff boxes that are available in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. This makes it easier for the customers to select the product according to their desire and their requirement. They can select the product according to the occasion. The variety of colors and designs can be selected according to the theme, enhancing the look of the room instantly.