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Jul 1,2022

Secrets Behind Making Beautiful Christmas Baubles: Tips and Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind!

Christmas is incomplete without Christmas trees; the tradition dates back to pagan times when people used to put up trees inside their houses as a symbol of life in the dark, cold winter nights. Thus, it originally belonged to pagan faith, but later on, the trend took when knowledgeable people backed it up with biblical sayings that precisely stated that the trees shook off the snow which was covering them and emerged out as green in response to the glorious event of the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, people began to put frit trees in their houses around Christmas time; however, the idea of decorating the tree came from biblical plays. That's how it all started, and now here we are, putting up Christmas trees every year, and the desire to decorate them keeps increasing with every passing year. It has even started healthy competitions in all neighbourhoods, people really be trying their best to set up the best Christmas tree, and the fun never ends. That being said, how do you like to decorate your Christmas tree? What are your plans for this year? If you are confused about what to do and how to do it, then you have landed on the right article because we are going to tell you twenty different ideas that you can experiment with and make your very own hand painted Christmas baubles; because why not DIY this Christmas? It would be so much fun to do!


20 Best Hand Painted Christmas Baubles for Your Christmas Tree:

One can paint a Christmas bauble in infinite ways, either spray it, dip it in paint, stain it with glass stain, and so on and so forth. The options of painting a bauble for Christmas are endless, and in that, it can become overwhelming to choose which one would be better to experiment with and what if it doesn't turn out the way it was said to. Well, it's okay to have second thoughts, but honestly, the ideas that we have collected for you are so easy, they would take no time and extra effort. You would be doing it effortlessly, and the final look would be as same as the baubles that are painted by professionals. We are not just going to tell the ideas for acrylic paint or watercolours only; rather, we have placed a variety of ideas with a variety of paints in this blog for you, so read it till the end to find your match.  


Tips and Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind!

1) Our first idea is very easy; even those of you who don't know how to paint and haven't picked up a paint brush in their entire life can use this idea for painting your Christmas baubles. For this, you are going to need spray paint, carrageenan powder, water, blender, newspaper, bucket, and of course baubles. First, you will have to mix the carrageenan powder with water to form a liquid mixture, and you will do that with the help of a blender. Make sure there are no lumps in the carrageenan mixture. Once this mixture is ready, then start creating your abstract art onto the mixture; spray any color in any direction you want. Once you have achieved your desired art on the surface of the mixture, then you can dunk in your bauble and take it out immediately. Rinse it to remove any excess spray and then hang it aside to dry; once it is dried, it is ready to be hung on your tree.


2) Some baubles can be opened to put something inside them for decorative purposes; what you can do with that is rather than filling it up with random stuff, you can pour paint inside it, close the opening then shake it until the paint has evenly spread all around the inner surface of the bauble.


3) Children love decorating Christmas trees; you can do some fun activities with them. Paint the palm of their hands with white color and place the bauble in the center of their palm, then ask them to hold it by closing their fingers. The pattern you would get on your bauble would look somewhat like a Christmas tree. You can then add touches of green and red to it to complete your Christmas-themed bauble.


4) Talking about kids, how can we forget about their love for cartoons? You can paint baubles into their favorite cartoons, be it the teddy bear from Mr. Bean or the tom from tom and jerry, turn an ordinary bauble into a personalized one for all your kids, and they would love it.


5) You can use glass stain to paint your bauble; it would give a very unique look that would turn your ordinary bauble into something very minimal but elegant. Either dip your bauble into it or pour it into your bauble; the choice is all yours.


6) We all love superheroes, don't we? How many of you are obsessed with avengers like us? Then why not portray this obsession through bauble by painting them into your favorite superhero? We like iron man, whom do you like?


7) You can also spice it up by adding glitter to your paint, the bauble would look like it has snowflakes on it, and by God, it looks so breathtaking.


8) Let's leave paintbrushes this time and use a sponge; dip a sponge in paint; you can either use just one color or make an ombre by dipping the half sponge in one color and half in the other. Then slowly keep pressing it on your bauble; the color and the texture that you would get on your bauble is going to catch the attention of everyone in the room.


9) You can also dip only half of your bauble in any paint of your choice, and that would really make a difference. It would look like something very extraordinary even though all you did was dip it half in paint, that's it.


10) How about writing on bauble? You can easily write any of your favorite words or the words that go with the Christmas season, like joy with any paint and a thin paintbrush on your baubles. 


11) Create a Christmas-themed combination of baubles, paint two in red, two in white, and two in green. Once you will put them on your tree, it will turn out to be so beautiful.


12) Paint moon and stars and galaxy on your baubles.


13) Pick up a paintbrush and create anything abstract; it would look very good altogether.


14) Are you fond of scenic green beauty? Then why not paint leaves on your baubles.


15) Some you must be attracted by flowers, painting a flower garland on your bauble would be a good idea then. 


16) You can also paint your bauble with mirror spray paint; although they look plain but their mirror feature makes them very eye-catching.


17) How about giving your bauble that marbly effect? Take a cup, pour a combination of paints in it and then pour it on the bauble and let the excess drip off. 


18) Alcohol ink is also a type of paint; it's just that its consistency is very watery; you can use it on your baubles by putting a drop and drying with a hairdryer; the pattern that it creates looks very mesmerizing.


20) You can also use watercolours on baubles; they would stain your baubles so good.


19) Crona time calls for a corona bauble too, paint the coronavirus on a bauble and hang it on your tree.

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What's The Best Way To make Hand Painted Christmas Baubles?


We think all the ways are best because can painting ever be any lesser than best? However, if we compare all the ways on the scale of complexity, then using acrylic paint in any way is the best because it provides full coverage; you can create anything with it, name any design that can't be done with acrylic paints. You can go simple by just painting it with one color or pouring any one color in it. You can go crazy by taking different paintbrushes and painting anything you like, be it flowers, cartoons, tables, chairs, or literally anything. Whereas you can't do this all in any other way of painting, so stick to acrylic paints if you can. Acrylic paint would easily stay on any bauble, be it a glass bauble, plastic, or fabric bauble. Otherwise, all the other ideas that we have discussed above can also be used very easily without making any fuss. However, only acrylic paint can outdo itself; no other way of painting can surpass acrylic painting, even if you talk about baubles or anything else. So, what are you waiting for now? Get your hands on all the supplies and paint your Christmas baubles. We can already tell you are going to set up the best Christmas tree this time; people might even ask you to open up a business of custom hand painted baubles; well, that's a topic for some other day.


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